Hiventures Investment

jFermi signs investment agreement with Hiventures to initiate the mass production of jFermi’s bioreactor. Shortly after this investment round jFermi will manufacture 50 lab scale bioreactors per year.    

MCN1 Minimal media

Compound name Formula xH2O M [g/mol] C (g/L) Weight Unit Measured weight Batch Number Add Ammonium sulfate (NH4)2SO4 0 132.14 1 1.000 g       Disodium hydrogen phosphate Na2HPO4 12 141.96 3.5 8.830 g       Potassium dihydrogen phosphate KH2PO4 0 136.086 1.5 1.500 g       …

First press coverage

Four Hungarian startups were selected as a “deep tech pioneer” at Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, meaning that they get a chance to introduce themselves in front of investors, businesspeople, journalists, and the public at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris next year.  

Deep Tech Pioneers

jFermi has been named one of @hellotmrc’s Deep Tech Pioneers! Selected among more than 5,000 startups from 128 different countries that applied to the Global Challenge. Come and meet us at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on 12th-13th March 2020!