jFermi Biotechnology Ltd. designs and produces modular bioreactors with its high level programming language control software. Thanks to its flexible properties and reasonable price, the device could open new doors in R&D and education and see even wider dissemination at Academia, Universities, laboratories and start-ups for fermentation optimization and experimentation.



The bioreactor of jFermi fills the need for cheap and fully featured fermenters. Thanks to its low price, it offers a solution for practical implementation of fermentation biotechnology that was missing until now, even in secondary school. At universities, it enables small-group and individual fermentations. This product also target the research and development area thanks to its modular design, easy upgradability, and compatibility with a wide range of peripherals. 


jFermi’s software was written in JavaScript language on both the client and server sides. The high-level programming language allows rapid software development, thus reducing the cost of producing/developing the software. Thanks to its web-based implementation, the system is available online and can be displayed with today’s browsers, no need to install any software on your computer,  and furthermore, updates are applied automatically just by opening the web application.