Sensors and controllers

Measured parameters Sensor / Signal processor Protocol Integrity
pH VisiFerm / EZO™ pH Circuit  I2C 100%
pOoptical VisiFerm DO Arc / On device  RS485 (RTU) 70%
pOgalvanic (Pb/Ag) Topac inc. / EZO™ DO Analog,I2C 100%
pO2 polarographic (Pt/Ag) Visiferm / jFermi Analog (nA), ? 20%
Temperature Pt1000 / EZO™ RTD Circuit  I2C 100%
Mass flow IQ+FLOW®/ On device  RS485 (RTU) 100%
Mass flow (own) MEMS Flow Sensors D6F series / jFermi  RS485 (RTU) 50%
Conductivity ? / EZO™ Conductivity Circuit  I2C  50%
CO2 (off gas) SprintIR® / On device  UART, USB  100%
O2 (off gas) LuminOx / On device  UART, USB  100%
NH3, H2S, alkohol MQ / jFermi Analog/digital 50%
Color RGB / On device I2C 70%
Bubble counter  – Digital 20%
Level  – Analog 70%
Weight  Load Cell / HX711 Digital 70%


Controller units

Controlled parameters Unit / Cotroller unit Protokoll Integrity
Temperature (jFermi) Peltier / jFermi controller  PWM /I2C 100%
Temperature (Third party) Peltier / TEC controller (Opt Lasers) UART Rejected
Mass flow IQ+FLOW® / jFermi RS485 (RTU) 100%
Mass flow (jFermi) jFermi RS485 (RTU) 50%
Stirring JMC 42JSF630AS+MCAC706 PWM (0Hz-0,3MHz) 100%
Stirring 4.4:1 Metal Gearmotor / Jrk G2 21v3 (Pololu) I2C, USB 70%
Peristaltic pump Parallax 360 / jFermi controller PWM /I2C 100%
Peristaltic pump 47:1 Metal Gearmotor / Jrk G2 21v3 (Pololu) I2C, USB 40% (Parkolóban)


Case and related modules

Device Status Comment  
Case 70% Beta prototype is available  
Sensors controller carrying board 70% Concept is partially defined  
Connectors 70% Striving to introduce the most commonly used ones  
Magnetic connectors 20% Assessing opportunities  
Other external modules (eg dosing pumps) 70% Beta prototype is available  


The first online fermentation available on November 18, 2019. Link!


Bioreactor vessel

Device Status Comment
500ml vessel with overhead stirrer 90% 3 beta prototype are available
Bubble column bioreactor 80% 1 beta prototype is available, under testing
50mL Falcon tube bioreactor  20% Under development
250 ml vessel with overhead stirrer 60% Partly available
250-500ml vessel with magnetic coupled stirring 40% Under development
1-2 ml micro bioreactor  10% Under development