Starting date: 2018.07.01.

M0 Entering
  • Sensor communication, automation processes are ready
  • Beta prototype available
M1 Planning
  • Preparation of detailed system design
2 month
M2 Development
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) designing
  • Preparation of fermentor frame
  • Process control software designing
  • Creating a client web application
  • Printed circuit board designing
  • Integration: process control, client side, PCB, frame, sensor integration
6 month
M3 Internal testing and debugging
  • Integration test
  • Detect and repair malfunctions
  • Preparation of user documentation
  • A prototype for market validation is completed
4 month
M4 External testing and fine tuning
  • UAT (User Acceptance Testing) test
  • Fine tuning based on feedbacks from customers
  • Mass producible bioreactor is ready
5 month
M5 Enhancement
  • User interface optimization for mobile device
  • Implementation of multiple unit 
  • Mass producible multiple unit bioreactor is ready
4 month
M6 Market entry
  • Further development
  • Optimization
  • Sale
3 month


Current state