🔬 Reflecting on an Inspiring Experience at Hungarian Biotechnologist Days 2024!  🌟

We’re thrilled to look back on an incredible time at Hungarian Biotechnologist Days 2024 in Budapest!

On April 26, 2024, we had the privilege to showcase our cutting-edge benchtop bioreactor at the University of ELTE, within the esteemed halls of the HUN-REN Nature Research Center’s Main Hall. At jFermi’s booth, we proudly presented a state-of-the-art bioreactor seamlessly integrated with a laptop, offering a hands-on experience for curious students and professors alike! From delving into its diverse functionalities to exploring its vast array of potential applications, we were delighted to unveil the innovative capabilities of our technology tailored specifically for academic environments.

Engaging in conversations with enthusiastic students and representatives from various companies has been a true highlight of this event. Witnessing the boundless passion and unwavering dedication within the biotech community has been incredibly inspiring.

Each interaction has been a valuable exchange of insights, with discussions ranging from our latest innovations to learning about the exciting projects and research endeavors of fellow attendees. We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the vibrant biotechnological landscape in Hungary.

The program at the event was also very interesting including Challenges and Opportunities in Protein Research, Breaking Barriers with Pluripotent Stem Cells, following by Live Biotherapeutic Products & Mini-Proteins for Autoimmune Diseases Treatment and we can continue with Biosimilar Product Development: From the Target Molecule to Beyond and Biotechnology in Drug Research: From Small Molecules to Biologics and Multi-column Chromatography: The Game Changer in Biopurification?

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Hungarian Biotechnology Students Association for orchestrating this phenomenal event, and to everyone who visited our booth to chat, exchange ideas, and even experience our bioreactor firsthand. Together, we’re not just shaping the future of biotechnology, but also fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration that propels us forward.

As we eagerly anticipate continued collaboration and future opportunities to connect with this dynamic community, let’s keep the momentum going!

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