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Thanks for Hungarian Export Agency (HEPA) for organizing the annual Foreign Trade Conference. It is a great way for meeting Hungarian foreign trade diplomats.

The purpose of the event is to help small and medium-sized businesses enter foreign markets.

During these one on one meetings jFermi witnessed that its premium benchtop bioreactors have a huge potential from America to Asia, from Europe to Africa and Australia.

Thanks for the expertise of Hungarian diplomats, it was inspiring to talk to @Nagy Zsuzsanna (Lyon), Bálint Bűcs (Oslo), Judit Czako (London), Máté Olti (Mexikó), Angyal Gábor (Tokio), Viczián Tamás (Krakkow), Mate Arpad Igaz (Toronto), Mónika Molnár (Vancouver), @Robert Kovács (Helsinki), János Joszkin (Rabat), Boglarka Rusz (Stockholm), József Németh (Buenos Aires), @Simon Gábor (Washington), Matyas Javor (Rome), Anett Lehóczki (Vienna), Gabor Szendi (Lima), Katalin Horváthné Négyessy (Dublin). #opportunities #export #markets #bioreactors #fermentation #algae #photobioreactors

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