The USB TTL Serial cables are a range of USB to serial converter cables which provide connectivity between USB and serial UART interfaces. This cable features an FTDI FT232R device integrated within the cable USB type ‘A’ connector, which provides access to UART Transmit (Tx), Receive (Rx), RTS#, CTS#, VCC (5 V) and GND connections.


  • USB side of the cable is USB powered and USB 2.0 full speed compatible
  • 1.8m long and supports a data transfer rate up to 3Mbaud
  • Onboard FT232RQ provides single chip USB to asynchronous serial data transfer interface
  • Entire USB protocol handled by the electronics in the cable USB
  • Connect directly to a microcontroller UART or I/O pins
  • Internal EEPROM with user-writeable area
  • 3.3 V output allows external logic to be powered from the USB port
  • Low USB bandwidth consumption

Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Opening a Terminal window on the Raspberry Pi

/* install tool */

apt-get install ftdi-eeprom

/* get info */

udevadm info -a -p $(udevadm info -q path -n /dev/ttyUSB0)

/* read eeprom */

ftdi_eeprom –read-eeprom /dev/ttyUSB0 ./eeprom.conf

/* write eeprom */

ftdi_eeprom –flash-eeprom ./eeprom.conf

Download eeprom.config file from HERE.