13 Dec 2019

4 Hungarian startups picked for Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge

Four Hungarian startups were selected as a “deep tech pioneer” at Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, meaning that they get a chance to introduce themselves in front of investors, businesspeople, journalists, and the public at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris next year. https://bbj.hu/business/4-hungarian-startups-picked-for-hello-tomorrow-global-challenge_175405

08 Nov 2019

Deep Tech Pioneers

jFermi has been named one of @hellotmrc’s Deep Tech Pioneers! Selected among more than 5,000 startups from 128 different countries that applied to the Global Challenge. Come and meet us at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on 12th-13th March 2020!

13 Oct 2019

Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) determination

The collaboration has started! Two fermentation units were placed with the Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science Biorefinery Research Group (Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology). And, the units are ready for testing. The basis of collaboration from the jFermi side is to …

05 Oct 2019

3D printing of a New Brunswick fermentor adapter

An old piece of equipment often fails, and replacement parts for it are impossible to find. There are two things you can do when this happens: buy a new piece of equipment, or have somebody manufacture the part you need. That’s why we designed and 3D printed a servomotor adapter …

29 Sep 2019

Peristaltic pump calibration

Peristaltic pump unit The current peristaltic pump 3D printed version was built into the first generation bioreactor prototype. It consists of PLA + (Poly lactic acid with some additives to reduce brittleness) and a mid-range 3D printer was used to create it We had doubts about the structural stability of …

26 Sep 2019

Temperature regulation

Structure of the temperature control module Heating and cooling unit   As shown in the figure on the left, the unit consists of two parts: a bored aluminum block holding the fermenter vessel, and a mounted Peltier element. Aluminium block:  width: 100 mm height: 50 mm depth : 90 mm …

01 Jul 2018

First investment

Our first capital investment came through CreativeAccelerator on July 1, 2018. From that point, all our energy has been focused on the development of the bioreactor. Even though there are modern sensors and signal processors on the market, in most cases we design our own circuits. Further, Fermi’s well-equipped workshop …

10 May 2018

Company establishment

jFermi was founded on May 1, 2018 after nearly 2 years of product development include software and hardware side. At this time we had a basic prototype that we were working on in a modestly equipped workshop every night. Finally we got a chance to try this product in a …